Join the team at Baseimmune to harness the power of our computational platform to design and create variant-proof vaccines.

We strongly believe in building a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment where ideas can flow. We are assembling an exceptional and diverse team of biologists, computer engineers, bioinformaticians, immunologists, and visionaries to push the boundaries.

What brings us together as a team are our core values: commitment to each other, enthusiasm for learning and growing together, and a desire to use innovation as a way to improve the world.

Who are we

Baseimmune is a biotechnology start up working on data-driven methods for antigen discovery and vaccine development, founded by a team from the Jenner Institute in Oxford that’s previously developed over 15 vaccines. We use computational methods to design the next generation of future-proof vaccine antigens, preparing the world for pathogen diversity before it happens. We are a London based start-up backed by leading investors from Europe and the US with £4.2m raised at seed stage.

Our pipeline includes the development of a number of human and veterinary candidates. In addition, we have several collaborations with world leading institutes such as Imperial College London and Touchlight.

Find out more about us: Q&A - Who are we

The Role

You’ll be joining a rapidly expanding team located at the London Bioscience Innovation Centre in King’s Cross, London. The position provides the opportunity to work with a fresh biotech lab at the start of its journey with the potential to have a real impact. You’ll have the opportunity to work directly with the founders and contribute significantly to key decisions and directions of the lab team.

This is a lab-based post and you’ll be responsible for the pre-clinical development of our vaccine pipeline. This includes the design of antigens, formulation with delivery systems, and production of vaccines at lab scale. You will be working closely with the rest of the team to coordinate testing in animal models, and assessing their performance using state of the art immunological approaches available within our lab. This also includes explorative research to further our understanding of novel vaccines and further develop our antigen design platform. The key responsibility of the role is to design, manage, and complete research objectives and investigations to achieve set milestones.


  • Design and synthesise vaccine vectors
  • Produce vaccine grade adenoviruses and mRNA for vaccination programmes
  • Investigate mRNA delivery systems to boost mRNA vaccines efficiency
  • Design novel mRNA vectors 
  • Research and trial best ways to introduce multiepitope vaccines to elicit highest T-cell responses
  • Provide mentorship, training and advice in all areas of vector design, mRNA synthesis, mRNA QC and adenovirus large scale production and purification
  • Conceive, design and conduct PoC experiments to generate data on efficacy & safety of novel vaccines in preclinical models
  • To participate in a team working to deliver in vivo investigations of porcine, murine and human host immune responses to vaccination and infection
  • Provide support and mentorship for junior scientists
  • Coordinate and collaborate multiple projects 
  • Regularly communicate, report, and present results to leadership teams
  • Manage external projects with CROs and external collaborators
  • Maintain familiarity with scientific and technical literature pertinent to the projects

Desired Skills

 Molecular Biology:

  • Experience in different cloning strategies e.g. Gibson Assembly
  • Knowledge of a variety of PCR techniques, DNA purification and manipulation
  • Experience in design of recombinant proteins for improved expression and immunogenicity


  • Experience and knowledge in synthesising mRNA using in vitro transcription, purification of mRNA, processing mRNA, using mRNA vaccine delivery systems, knowledge of protein transcription and translation within the cell, knowledge of LNP and polymer-based delivery systems and ways to QC them such as DLS


  • Experience and knowledge in producing adenovirus particles, upscaling adenoviral particles, large-scale adeno purifications and quantification using plaque assays

 Cell Culture:

  • Experience and knowledge in mammalian cell culture including HEK 293 lines, and transfection of cells (DNA and RNA)


  • Experience and knowledge in IFAs, western blot analysis, fluorescence assays, protein purification and expression strategies.

Desired Attributes

  • In depth experience to deliver on workstreams independently based on strong technical capabilities, thorough understanding of the field
  • Excellent project management: you may be required to coordinate multiple projects and prioritise work based on commercial interest and cost effectiveness
  • Strong team player: a project is coordinated by one scientist, but the full team collaborates on delivery, so we are looking for someone who works well in a collaborative and fast-paced environment
  • Able to manage others; able to teach and mentor others: as a Senior Scientist, you’ll provide support and training to other scientists, and may be required to act as a line manager
  • Can-do attitude: we’re at the forefront of development, and looking for people who are ready to bring forward and challenge new ideas, whilst at the same time knowing when to rely on established methods to reduce variability and allow thorough testing of an innovative concept or product
  • Open approach, ability, and eagerness to learn novel techniques or analysis tools based on project needs.

Essential Requirements

  • Experience in pre-clinical development of vaccines is essential
  • You require a right to work in UK (we cannot provide sponsorship for VISA)
  • Minimum MSc degree with significant experience in Microbiology 
  • Prior experience within industry either within a start up or pharma environment 
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Desirable Requirements

  • Postgraduate degree in related field
  • Research or industry experience at the postgraduate level

Benefits Include

  • Competitive starting salary
  • Central London location for lab and office
  • 26 days holiday + bank holidays
  • Pension plan
  • Share scheme
  • Team lunches and socials


Please, submit your CV and a cover letter highlighting your expertise and why you want to join Baseimmune.

Submit your application via the email button below. Please include in the subject your full name and vacancy you are applying for.  

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Full time, Permanent

London-based Laboratory

Start Date

August 2022

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