designing vaccines with plasticity


Predict the future.

Pathogens are evolving constantly to adapt and ensure their survival. As a result they are a constantly moving target for vaccines.  Some vaccines may work for a short period, whilsts others may never be able to keep up with a pathogens variation. Baseimmune uses deep learning to predict the direction that a pathogen will take to create vaccines that are many steps ahead and future proof. Introducing Baseimmune vaccines with plasticity.


To create vaccines with plasticity.


Our technologies are based on a data-driven platform for the analysis of pathogen genomics, proteomics, epidemiology, evolution and clinical data for the generation of vaccine antigens effective against current and future unknown strains and variants.


With talented vaccine experts, scientists, bioinformaticians and software engineer in the field, Baseimmune is committed to translating ‘OMICs’ big-data into real-world solutions. By collaborating with leading institutions and companies and an expert panel of scientific advisors, we hope to develop  vaccines and reduce the burden of infectious diseases in human and animal health.

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The Baseimmune pipeline currently focuses on major challenges in infectious diseases. We are building a unique pipeline to address veterinary and human threats worldwide.  




BSIvet-001 vaccine 

BSIhum-002 vaccine

BSIhum-003 vaccine

Universal African Swine Fever

Universal Coronavirus

Universal Malaria

Our bespoke antigen discovery platform allied with superior vaccine delivery systems, allow us to fast track the discovery phase of vaccines and move faster to preclinical pipeline. 


Baseimmune $4.8M to continue development of future-proof vaccines

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Co-development of a malaria vaccine

Baseimmune is combining forces with Imperial College to develop a radically new malaria vaccine

Baseimmune raises pre-seed investment - Apr 21

Baseimmune team raises funds to create future-proof vaccines

Baseimmune joins cohort 2 of the KQLabs accelerator program held at the Crick Institute


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