Welcome to Baseimmune.

We are building novel technologies to revolutionise vaccine design.

By developing cutting-edge computational tools and mutation-proof vaccines, we’re disrupting the status quo in vaccine development and mediating meaningful impact on the health of people worldwide.

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Our team

We strongly believe in building a collaborative and multidisciplinary environment where ideas can flow.

We are assembling an exceptional and diverse team of biologists, computer engineers, bioinformaticians, immunologists, and visionaries to push the boundaries.

What brings us together as a team are our core values: commitment to each other, enthusiasm for learning and growing together, and a desired to use innovation as a way to improve the world.

This is your business, lets effect change.

Our investors

Founded in 2019 by Joshua Blight, Ariane Gomes and Phillip Kemlo, we are backed by leading investors from Europe and US, such as Hoxton Ventures, Creator Fund, Maki VC, Rockmount Capital, Cherry VC, Beast Ventures, Tiny VC, Voyagers, The Francis Crick Institute and Angels.

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