Jan, 2021

Ariane Gomes


Baseimmune and researchers from Imperial College announce co-development of a multi-epitope malaria vaccine

Baseimmune is combining forces with the laboratory of Professor Jake Baum at Imperial College London to design and test an entirely new strategy in protein-based vaccinology, with capacity for rapid scalable GMP manufacture. Baseimmune have developed a proprietary data-driven computational method for vaccine design that is already being used to develop multi-epitope vaccines against veterinary diseases.

Malaria disease is responsible for 0.5 million deaths each year and has a staggering impact on the health and economic well-being of low to middle income countries (LMICs) globally1. The lack of progress in eradication of malaria and the precipitous current situation with the global COVID-19 pandemic emphasises the urgent need for an effective, deployable malaria vaccine. Despite decades of research there is currently no broadly efficacious vaccine for malaria. Malaria disease is caused by a complex parasite with more than 5000 genes, each with distinct protein expression throughout the stages of its lifecycle. Baseimmune’s platform aims to support the selection of stage-specific proteins to support a multi-epitope vaccine that prevents malaria parasite infection and, therefore, stops disease. 

About Baseimmune

Baseimmune is a data-driven vaccine design platform focused on antigen discovery. We combine recent advancements in “OMICs” big data with biological expertise to tackle unmet needs in infectious diseases. 

Baseimmune was created to address the difficulties in antigen design and contribute to the accelerated design and production of human and veterinary vaccines. Our technology is based on a bespoke deep-learning platform able to harness the recent developments in biomedical and “OMICS’ big data used to inform antigen design. The company is the result of years of computational, laboratory and clinical research combined with leading experience in vaccine formulation and production. 

About the Baum Lab

The Baum laboratory at Imperial College London is working at the forefront of next generation vaccines to prevent malaria infection.

“We believe that the complex analysis of big omics data to rationally design safe and effective vaccines will be Baseimmune’s biggest contribution to society and we hope to be a resource in the event of potential public health crises”

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